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After a long career as a watercolorist that she continues with happiness
(see: ), Jacqueline Gandubert, born Friedli, is also engaged since 2005 in the oil painting by feeling. This completely intuitive new approach
opens other levels of consciousness and transmits other vibrations of her inner worlds. Sometimes on themes inspired after meditation (see topic: After meditation), or simply by leaving the painting build itself without another source of inspiration. (see topic: Intuitive abstract)

The artist signs her new oil paintings with her soul-name: JOYA, which has become her artist name. It means "joy" or "jewel" and fits well with what she feels in her heart while painting.

This kind of painting should not be looked upon in the same way as when viewing a standard image representation.
The image needs to be crossed, it is the transfiguration of the invisible, it tends to include the unrepresentable. The look must pass and continue beyond the canvas. This is a process that tips us into another level of consciousness ...
which takes us from the representation to the Presence. It is a mutation: path to eternal life, a process that tends but never reaches. The experience of the image remains an inner experience, which is valid for the viewer as well as for the painter himself.
To welcome the spiritual art at home is a means of receiving light through inspired artists. An inspired work of art raises the energy of a room and connects you with
the Universe.

Initiated by Patricia Carron, a painter from Valais who received these precious
teachings by channeling, Joya now teaches this pictorial approach to small groups of people, and accompany them on the path of inner discovery which leads to their creative potential.

For people who would like to follow this teaching: click on the topic: "Teaching - support"